Tower Hamlets SEEN Awards


To apply for:

Tower Hamlets Try It Award

  • You want help to start your social action project in Tower Hamlets
  • You want to make a difference in your community with a social action idea
  • You’re keen to get some support and benefit from peer to peer mentoring
  • A £500 award will help you turn your idea into a real social action project

Tower Hamlets Do It Award

  • You want to create social change, you have an idea for how to do it
  • You’re passionate about making this happen in Tower Hamlets
  • You’d like some support to start working on it and learning what works
  • You can apply for up to £2500 to help you develop and test your idea


Tower Hamlets SEEN £5000 Award

  • You are 16 -30 and want some support to take your social venture to the next level
  • Your social venture will make a difference in the Tower Hamlets area
  • You are passionate about creating social impact in Tower Hamlets.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You are 16-30 years old
  • You live, study or work in Tower Hamlets
  • You are passionate about creating social change in the area
  • You have a solution for a social issue
  • You can deliver social benefit in Tower Hamlets and society
  • Your idea/venture has the potential to become sustainable
  • This will be a learning opportunity for you


Parents and Carers you may find this guide useful. Click here to download.