Spaces 4 Change



Spaces for Change (S4C) is a UK wide programme that will find, fund, support and connect young people aged 16-24 to start and run social ventures that unlock the potential of unused or under-utilised spaces for the benefit of the local community, especially other young people.

From 2016-2019 100 awards will be available for young leaders consisting of up to £5,000 project funding, a dedicated award manager providing tailored support, cohort support, and peer to peer networking opportunities for sharing knowledge and learning.

Criteria for applying

To apply for an award, see below for the criteria:


  • be between the age of 16-24
  • Beneficiaries must be UK based
  • have an idea for a social venture that will unlock the potential benefits of unused or under-utilised spaces for the local community, especially other young people
  • apply as an individual or an informal group of up to four people (with groups only the lead will complete the application form, the lead will also be responsible for the award)
  • fulfil a clear demand and need, with clear outputs and goals

Applicants will not be eligible if their social venture idea is:

  • part of their paid employment
  • involves political or religious campaigning
  • involves activities outside of the law or against public policy, or anything that encourages ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony
  • involves employing people
  • mainly for people to achieve academic qualifications
  • funding living expenses
  • led by or part of an established organisation

Application Process

What to expect:

    • Applicant completes Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • If successful, the applicant will be invited to attend pitching panel to pitch their idea
    • If successful the applicant becomes an Award Winner and will agree to the UnLtd Terms and Conditions, will provide bank details and complete a payment schedule.
    • Upon receipt of favourable references, the first payment (no more than 50%) will be released to the Award Winner
    • Support package will commence and subsequent payments will be released
    • At the end of the support period the Award Winner will be asked to complete a short survey

If you would like to apply, please complete an application form

Partner Panel

When UnLtd invests and works within a very specific theme such as this, we draw on expert advisors familiar with the subject area. We draw on their knowledge and expertise to provide strategic influence, help identify where the barriers are that are preventing change, and promote these exemplary case studies to demonstrate innovative practice more widely. We will work with a variety of partners (some we are already working with us on other programme) to broaden the offer, ensure successful delivery and sustainability of the programme, and offer support to those awarded.

This includes forming a panel of experts, advisors and partners who have expert knowledge, skills and experience in the area, community and issue the young person is tackling via their social venture. These experts can offer specialist support and insight to the programme and Award Winners. The role of these partners will include helping to identify young people, offering specialist support, helping develop and strategically guide and advise the young people awarded.

The partner panel and supporters are currently being recruited. If you would like further information contact:
Ashley Raywood


Our Bright Future is a £33 Million programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund and run by the Wildlife Trusts. Our Bright Future aims to tackle the three big challenges facing society today – a lack of cohesion, a lack of opportunities for young people and vulnerability to climate change.Thirty one youth-led projects across the UK are each receiving around £1m of funding to give young people the skills and knowledge to improve their local environments – from reducing marine pollution to minimising food waste.Our Bright Future’s vision is to create a community of young, ambitious and capable individuals standing up and taking action to shape and create a future they know is possible.