Changing the World: A Beginners Guide to Social Entrepreneurship


UnLtd is very pleased to announce that a new resource for our younger Award Winners has arrived!

You can download each section of the guide using the links below. You can start at the beginning or pick and choose which sections you are most interested in!

Changing the World: A Beginners Guide to Social Entrepreneurship is a culmination of what we have learned over the past few years working closely with young social entrepreneurs and is a tool for sharing the stories, challenges and insights of young people who had an idea and ran with it.

The aim of this guide is to share our learning in the hope that it will support future young people who have ideas to make their world better.

On first impressions the guide may look bit strange but the idea was to create something that appeals to the different types of learning styles using a combination of shapes, text, colour and character to stimulate creative thinking and activate all senses when it comes to problem solving.

Comprising of six sections the guide focuses on the person behind the project, and is a continuing thread throughout its pages spending a lot of time exploring and individual’s identity, motivation, uniqueness and what matters to them most – something we have come to learn from many of our award winners as key first step in setting up their own venture.

If you are interested in finding out more about this Guide, or you want to discuss how you might want to it – please get in touch with Caroline Murray on