Do It For Real Partners revealed


UnLtd – the foundation for social entrepreneurs have revealed the first ever Partners of the national Do it For Real programme which aims to help young people start, grow and build their social action projects. Do it For Real is the new youth programme brought to you by Spirit of 2012, Comic Relief and UnLtd.

A diverse range organisations across the UK have come together through a shared purpose to help young people in the UK, aged 16-30, discover their full potential and contribute to their communities, their futures and their livelihoods through social entrepreneurship.

Working with UnLtd, our Do It For Real Partners will fund and support young social entrepreneurs within their institution or community, engaging and inspiring young people to unleash their energies and change the world in which they live: doing it for real by implementing their own social enterprise ideas. Partners of Do it For Real offer a package of support to young people aged 16 to 30 to start a social action project or venture, including funding, expert help, one to one guidance and networking.

The Do it For Real programme is an exciting initiative that will enable partners to contribute to transforming the lives and outlook for thousands of young people ready to make a positive difference in their communities. To learn about these dynamic partners that find, fund and support young social entrepreneurs or for young people interested in applying for an Award of cash and support of between £500 and £5,000 please visit:

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