Visionary Media Enterprise

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Visionary Media Enterprise (VME) is a production company based in Birmingham with a community interest mission to educate, influence and inspire younger generations to unlock their hidden potential within the community.

Founded by Hezzron Austin in 2013, the organisation works in collaboration with local partners and the local youth centre to provided opportunities for hard to reach young people. VME has supported many young people in Birmingham with training and learning opportunities and has provided six trainees with paid work.

“The main objective of VME is to combine the raw talent that is embedded within communities and unlock the true potential of young people with digital skills,” says Hezzron. “Through training, networking and partnerships we will create a network of undoubtedly talented young people and utilise those skills by providing professional media services.”

Since his UnLtd Award, Hezzron has established a community asset transfer project to transform 641 Youth House into a creative hub kitted out with multifunctional training and educational rooms. The hub will also provided an opportunity to help other social entrepreneurs to get their projects off the ground.

The social entrepreneur is keen to give back to the community after he gained valuable support and guidance from UnLtd which helped to get his venture up and running. He also has been awarded support from O2 Think BiG and received a record of achievement certificate by the Mayor for the work he has done at his local youth centre.

Since gaining this support Visionary Media Enterprise has grown to become a company that’s able to provide unique, eye capturing and relevant visuals to increase engagement and ROI with online marketing. The company has now grown to become a network of young, vibrant people with creative talents.

“We do truly believe Birmingham has all the skills and talent. All it needs is a pioneer or group of pioneers”


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