The Misfit Movement

The Misfit

Rico is a shining example of how young people can make a difference to their community. He started making a positive impact through his street football project. This experience encouraged him to continue his amazing work and Rico has now gone onto develop a media project working with young people from Newport, South Wales. The project targets those at risk from or involved in street gangs and its associated problems such as drug dealing and violence.

With local experience and an inspirational attitude, Rico has been able to attract a number of young people and gang members to participate in workshops which cover lyric writing, camera skills, marketing and promotion, plus clothing design; all of which create positive thoughts and messages about young people. The Misfit Movement provides an opportunity for young people to not only support the project, but also promote themselves as young artists within the music industry.

What’s great about Rico’s project is that some of the members have returned to school or college to study media as a result of their experiences and many are no longer involved with the City’s gangs.
Rico registered The Misft Movement as a Community Ltd By Guarantee and has workshops across Newport, Cardiff and Chepstow.

Rico feels that the whole experience has helped him grow in confidence and meet amazing people. The biggest challenge and success was getting the young people from different communities to mix and through music, have now developed lasting friendships.

Ricos work continues to grow; he has now been recognised as an emerging rap artist, successfully winning a regional music award. His album, ‘Painting Pictures’ is available to buy and proceeds go towards developing The Misfit Movement and reaching more young people through replicating the project in other deprived areas. Rico has said ‘UnLtd helped me grow my own project and build my ideas giving me the boost I needed to get going’

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