Once Loved Shoes


Honor Evans has always been a creative and determined young person. She started up-cycling and customizing T-shirts from around the age of 9 and invited her friends round to join in. As she became older she discovered a strong passion for fashion and especially shoes. The only problem was that because of her narrow fit, this limited the number of styles of shoes she could wear. So she used her creativity to up-cycle her existing shoes.

This made her think more about how many different styles of shoes that people had that were only worn for one occasion or not at all. She approached Live Unltd at 13 with her unique idea and received an award to start her project. “Once Loved Shoes”, an environmental project that frees up space in people’s wardrobe, prevents shoes from going to landfill, and makes people fall in love with their Once Loved Shoes or even someone else. This allows her to deliver workshops where she shows people how to up-cycle their own shoes. She uses recycled materials where possible, and any leftovers are used to make accessories like jewellery. She also sells a range of handmade shoe accessories.

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