The Fourth Wall Theatre Network

fouth-wall-theatre 2.jpeg

At the age of 19 Daniel (Dan) Bridgewater created the Fourth Wall Theatre Network. It is ‘a theatre company in a box’ that hopes to work with schools to create the foundations for their own self-sustaining theatre business.

The objectives are to improve confidence, to develop leadership and business skills and to nurture creative flare whilst improving levels of drama within schools, so UnLtd gave Dan a cash award to help the business take off! However the most important thing for Dan is to be accessible and affordable so that whether young people have a love of drama, business or just want to make new friends, the Fourth Wall Theatre Company is there for them.

The Fourth Wall Theatre Network continues to expand each month providing specialist and bespoke training focused around three key areas: Promotion, Programme and Logistics. The training programme is developed on an individual basis and, once complete, gives participants access to a licence to run your own Fourth Wall theatre company. The theatre company also run in 20-25 week phases the delivery of a series of workshops and masterclasses for budding actors and actresses as well as training programmes and workshops for schools and places of education giving young people the opportunity to perform and grow confidence.

While speaking about UnLtd Daniel said “Without the funding from UnLtd I wouldn’t have been able to get my project going. The team over there have always been supportive and shown me the opportunities available for The Fourthwall Theatre Network to grow. They’ve really been advocates of my work from the start.”

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