FoodCycle is a venture set up by Kelvin Cheung which combines young volunteers, surplus food and free kitchen space to create nutritious meals for people affected by food poverty.

Retailers throw out millions of tons of edible food every year due to supply overstock. FoodCycle redirects this food so it can be used in meals for people that do not have access to healthy foods. The outcome of this simple measure results in personal health and well-being being increased for thousands of people with proper nutrition. Food waste is reduced and young volunteers are able to create positive change in their communities.

FoodCycle began with three initiatives in London and one launching in Bristol, after funding from UnLtd and further devlopment this has now been expanded to 19 hubs across the UK with new campaigns, catering projects and a community cafe being established. The organisations volunteers have served over 118,000 meals made using over 138,000kg of surplus food – the equivalent saving of 621,000kg CO2 emissions.

Kelvin has built his skills and knowledge of the business world getting a helping hand from UnLtd; FoodCycle continues to grow and Kelvin now holds a position working at UnLtd Hong Kong to help other individuals build their social ventures.

If you’d like to build a social venture like Kelvin’s find out how you can apply for an Award through the Do it For Real  programme here