Aiming Skywards


Aiming Skywards is a youth-led organisation trying to deter young people away from engaging in crime, by building employment skills and opportunities especially for these individuals.

It was started by Peter Olawaye who grew up in Hackney, East London. Peter has personally been involved with youth clubs from a young age but always felt that there weren’t enough opportunities for young people to find work in modern society. Growing up he saw more and more people at his school and in his area getting into trouble, getting arrested, or ending up in prison, and he decided that the only way to change things was to “get involved and try and make a change and show young people what they’re capable of”.

“I don’t want future generations to be in the same position, caught in a cycle of crime,” says Peter, and so he has set up his programme aimed at giving NEETs (those Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 11-24 the chance to learn about how to become more employable and living an alternative life away from crime.

Aiming Skywards’ first programme ‘Hackney 2 City’ includes one to one mentoring, workshops and apprentice style challenges to help the young participants gain knowledge, advice and above all build confidence. After the success of this initial programme Aiming Skywards are now running two other programmes as well; including ‘Change Youths Through Music’ exploring the positive and negative affect the UK music industry has on our young people today and “Break Out The Cycle Workshops” which targets those most risk at crime engagement.

Peter said of working with UnLtd: “It’s been amazing. Whenever I needed help with something, my development manager got back to me immediately to help. I’ve been provided with useful contacts who will not only help my own development, but also the development of Aiming Skywards.”

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