Are you serious – how can young entrepreneurs make sure they’re taken seriously?


Young people have never been as inter-connected as they are today and many new technologies springing around us every day have been invented by under-30s who more than anyone feel that technology is essential to improve our lives.  Here are some brilliant under 30 entrepreneurs doing great things.

David Karp Age: 27, Company: Tumblr

David started Tumblr in 2007 with his own savings from previously held jobs in the software industry.

Pete Cashmore Age: 28, Company:

Mashable is one of the world’s largest websites and reports on everything social media related. Cashmore bootstrapped Mashable in 2005 from his home in Scotland.

Matt Mullenweg Age: 29, Company: WordPress

Matt has made it easier for all of us to publish our thoughts online and his easy to use platform has been the power behind many startup companies in recent years.

Mark Zuckerberg Age: 29, Company: Facebook

He is the world’s youngest billionaire with Facebook; Zuckerberg has literally changed the way people interact and has broken down social walls faster than ever imagined.

Another one Melody Hossaini from the popular BBC TV programme The Apprentice, a British reality television series in which a group of aspiring businessmen and women compete for the chance to work with the British business magnate Lord Sugar, to share her thoughts on how young entrepreneurs can be taken seriously; in the video an upcoming social entrepreneur Sharam interviews


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